I’m sort of a corny TV and movie addict in general. I am a dork.
Self professed “dork” (not really) Carli is an actress. She’s been assigned a role as a “Sheila Smith” in a new TV show, about girls who live in a boarding school. But Carli doesn’t know what boarding school is like. Why would she? She’s never gone to one, never wished to go to one. Which is why she is assigned to Winchester School of the Arts. Winchester is the “laundromat” for students- it’s where all the other schools send their dirty laundry. The kids who were expelled. The delinquents. Everyone there is there for a reason. Most of them have stories. Like Fun (who is REALLY Fellini Udall Newport, but hates his name, for good reason). Fun was expelled from Winchester. His father wants him to graduate high school, though. His father is the director of the show that Carli has been cast in. And Carli “Sheila” needs someone to show her the ropes of the school, to make sure that she actually figures out how to be Sheila. And everything is just hunky dory until Carli gets there, and finds out that a girl, one of the only “normal” people there, Darcy, has disappeared. In one of her shame spirals, Carli decides to find Darcy. The mystery pulls together people who Carli never thought she’d meet, much less be friends with, and brings a whole new understanding to all of their lives.
Which brings me back to the series: My character is not a dork. Her name is Sheila Smith, by far the worst of the bunch: the shcemer who won’t let anyone stand in her way, the queen bee, the foul seductress… place every standard Mean Girl stereotype here then triple it. (Yikes!) But the problem is…
I am a dork.

This is another one of those fluffy girly spy mysteries. Like “I’d Tell You I Love You But Then I’d Have to Kill You” and “My Fair Godmother” (although that isn’t a spy book, the characters seem pretty similar) and, (although I haven’t done a review on them) the “Spy Goddess” books. I liked this book, though. It was interesting, I liked the characters, and the mystery was intriguing. The ending is completely bizarre, but somehow the author seems to make it work. very odd. but anyway, I’d give this book four stars.
“You think this is humorous?”
The color drained from my face. “No, I…I don’t know. Headmaster Stanton sounds like a Muppet.” It was the first thing that popped into my head. “Or someone who’s just breathed in, like, a big balloon of helium. Doesn’t he?”
For some reason this struck Fun as funny. He started laughing. He laughed so hard that Stanton stopped talking. He laughed so hard that every single kid in the dining hall turned to look at us, standing in the entranceway- the last four students to arrive on the tragic opening day of the new Winchester school year.