In this near to brand new, highly anticipated sequel to the original Daniel X book, “Daniel X” by James Patterson &Micheal Ledwidge, another intriguing view of the world from a somewhat superhuman person being the main character, Aliens taking over the world, aliens exhisting, and life as a good alien although appearing human life form is depicted as intriguing (like I said), rather then cheesy or dorky, and the whole alien thing sounds.

Summary/Description: Daniel X is a boy who wants revenge, and he is going to go up and down the “list” to find and hunt every bad alien there is, leading up to the big alien, the prey, number uno, who killed his parents when he was younger. He has plenty of powers to fight them with, whether he is teleporting himself, transforming himself (or others), making things appear (such as the pack of friends that help him), or something as simple and innocent as playing music in his head. Will he succeed in hunting and destroying Number 5 on his way up to the number 1? Will he live to tell the tale? You’ll have to read this one to find out.

I thought this book was pretty great, though I think I liked the first better. I rate it 4 stars! As dumb as the descriptions may sound, it’s a great story, with many elements of adventure and surprise. Obviously, you should read the first book first, which is also a great book. Have fun reading.