Tessa Gray’s parents are dead. She lives with her Aunt in New York. Her brother, Nathaniel, went away a while ago to London for work. Her aunt has died and she’s going to travel across the seas to her brother so they can live in London. Little does she know, her brother doesn’t wait for her in London, but terrible forces do. There’s evil and lots of knowledge waiting for Tessa in London; along with her brother. She’ll also meet up with a lot of shadowhunters, including an attractive; seemingly emotionless one. That’s how Clockwork Angel starts.

Clockwork Angel is the first book in a planned trilogy that is going to be a prequel sort of series to The Mortal Instruments. The other two books in the Infernal Devices series are going to be called “Clockwork Prince” and “Clockwork Princess”.

I have a confession: I haven’t read the Mortal Instruments yet. I plan to, especially after reading this book, but I haven’t yet. My friend told me there weren’t any spoilers and I could start with Clockwork Angel if I liked. I decided to.

It was really good. I haven’t read a whole lot of books regarding demons, so that was a plus. There were vampires, but not cheesy sparkly ones. There was talk of warlocks, which is cool. The thing I like about that is the multiple types of paranormal, not just one.

Tessa, Jem, and Will were fascinating characters, as were pretty much everyone else. I enjoyed their back stories, all unique. Tessa’s unknowingly not being totally human. Jem’s disease due to poison and torture. Will’s mysterious background.

There was a lot of fighting and action, along with mysteries and good stories and descriptions, so that was good. A lot of enjoyable elements. It’s another book set in the 1800s, which was kind of cool after having just read The Vespertine. It was very creepy and gothic.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I think I will appreciate it even more after I read The Mortal Instruments! (Which I plan to do. Soon!) I’m also very much looking forward to Clockwork Prince!