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Here you can find our Review Policy and Contest Policy.
Review Policy
 We at Books4Hearts post only honest reviews. We do not receive and will not accept monetary or otherwise compensation for reviews. Most books that we review are ones that we have bought by us or borrowed from our libraries. Sometimes, we will receive books for review from publishers or authors. We can assure you that this in no way affects our reviews, positively or negatively. 
If you would like one of us to review your book, please feel free to contact us and ask (information under the Contact Us tab) but know that our reviews are honest, whether they be good or bad. If you would like one of us to host a giveaway, hold an interview, etc, etc… You can contact us as well, but all of those things are subject to our approval. 
Reviews are never guaranteed, especially in the case of unsolicited books, but they are likely. We’re fair people. Also, this is a mainly YA book blog, please keep that in mind, the reviewers are between the ages of 14-16, and the main audience of this blog is probably a bit younger to older. If you send us your book to review and we choose to review it we will try to do it in a timely-as-possible manner. We maintain the right to not review your book, to review it honestly, and (especially in the case of unsolicited books) pass on the book to someone else for review.

  Contest Policy
You must be 13 or older to participate in any contest.
There may be special rules such as question you have to answer, extra entries, etc… and they may change from contest to contest.
We have the right to end or extend the contest whenever.
Please only enter the contest once unless stated otherwise in the specific rules. 

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