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Monday, February 21, 2011

“I Am Number Four” the movie

A while back, you probably recall that I reviewed the book “I Am Number Four” by Pittacus Lore (James Frey&Jobie Hughs). On Saturday night, I went to go see the highly anticipated movie based on the book. I thought I’d write a short article kind of thing about the movie, especially because in my book review I said that I thought the book would be an awesome movie maybe an even better movie then the book itself. That being said; did the movie live up to my expectations? Was it better than the book? (Note: I’ll try and spoil as little as possible throughout this post.)

First thing: Did the movie live up to my expectations? Yes. I thought it was really good! I didn’t think it was better then the book. As all movies end up when adapted from books, it was different from the book. There was a bit of a different order and the book, and sometimes just the same outcomes being achieved in different ways. Also, certain characters were portrayed rather differently- they didn’t act like ‘themselves’. 

If I’m going to talk about characters and portrayals, I’ll obviously start with Number Four, Alex Pettyfer. I thought Number Four was played really well by Alex Pettyfer, and I thought that Number Four acted the same way as he would’ve in the book. Then I’ll go to Henri. The actor was fine for Henri, the problem was that I’m not sure why, but the people who wrote the movie script and such must have chosen to make him quite a bit different. In the movie, Henri was a rather harsh personality. In the book, Henri seemed always really nice to Four (and everyone else) while in the movie he wasn’t very nice at any point, almost seeming to be mean to Four most of the time. Sarah was played pretty well by Dianna Agron, although I think they changed her character quite a bit too- she was a bit more complicated or maybe mysterious, rather then the outwardly happy and nice girl she was for most of the book. Number Six was perfect for her role and they didn’t change her a bit. Sam was pretty awesome, I think the actor was great, and they didn’t change his character a bit either really.

Aspects of the plot were changed, and I felt there were definitely some plot gaps, that would really confuse your movie watching experience if you hadn’t read the book, but I did think it was a good movie that went well with the book.

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