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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Schooled by Gordon Korman

Capricorn Anderson is a homeschool boy who lived on an isolated community with only his Grandmother, Rain for his whole life. His parents are dead and the rest of the people from the isolated 60’s community have left a long time ago. When Rain falls out of a tree and breaks her hip and he has to spend some weeks in a regular school in the regular modern world, what will he do?

This is the kinda book that you can’t really be neutral. You have to be sorta you like it, or you hate it. I would rate it 2 out of 5 stars… Everyone seems to like this book and I have to say that as much as I don’t like giving bad opinions about books- this one was… Well it had it’s strong points, like it was cool how you got to experience almost every person in the books point of view, and the developement of the characters was kind of fun, but other then that in my opinion it was unrealistic, kind of… I don’t know. It’d be like I’m reading the book and the character says that they’ll never do something and then next page they don’t acknowledge it. The other thing is that peoples personalities change just like that without anything that would make it make sense. Some characters disapear for extended amounts of time and then just re-appear!

On a side note. I and the others in this blog are homeschooled. I wanted to tell you viewers incase you didn’t know, I’ve never even heard of a homeschooler that was ‘on an isolated farm’ with a homeschooler that hadn’t even ever tasted pizza, been to a dance, watched tv, didn’t have a phone, and didn’t use really any modern technology (cell phone, computer, ipod?). I’m just saying this because some people take Capricorn Anderson and some other characters as what Homeschoolers are really like. *gets off of soap box*
Anyway, Peace guys, -Cat

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ever by Gail Carson Levine

I can tell that Olus isn’t certain. In spite of everything, I may die.

When Kezi’s mother falls sick, her father makes a terrible vow. If Admat, who they believe is their god, will heal her, he will sacrifice the first person to congratulate him. When Kezi congratulates him to save her aunt, she knows that she must find a way to escape the vow and live. She meets Olus, who is the god of the winds, and together, and apart, they find a way.
Pado! Pado, congratulations on Mati’s recovery.” Admat! my knees buckle, and I faint.

I really liked this book. I would say that if you like some romance, and stories about strong girls, this is a good book for you. I would say that this should a be a book for 11 and up, because of some of the romance. I would give this five stars out of five, although the ending is (in my opinion) a little unsatisfying.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Ninth Grade Slays

Hey guys, Cat here, to review a book with ‘bite’. By the way- incase you are wondering why I am reviewing the second book in a series is because for book club I had to read this one, not the first- and it’s not hard to jump into really- so you could read it without the first one. Although I plan on going back to read the first (i think).

Vladimir Tod is a 14 year old boy in ninth grade at his local high school. Just your average teenage boy, except for you know… Fangs and a thirst for blood. He has a hectic year ahead of him, what with fighting off an evil vampire, visiting some of the vampire colonies, dealing with Meredith (his crush), and more!

I really liked this book, and would give it… probably 4&1/2 stars! It was interesting, and the characters, and the way vampires are in this book are very unique. I mean, most vampire books don’t have the lead drinking blood from a blood bank, going out in sunlight with no effects, and breathing. I would recommend this book to people that liked “Twilight” and vampire books in general. Although I would suggest mature 12 year olds and up because of some violence and emotional/scary situations that could freak some younger kids out.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gregor The Overlander by Suzanne Collins

“No” yelled Gregor as he lunged for her, but Boot’s tiny frame seemed to be sucked into the air duct. Without thinking, Gregor thrust his head and shoulders into the hole. The betal grate smacked into his back. the next thing he knew, he was falling down, down, down into empty space.

When Gregor, a normal eleven year old boy, falls down an air duct after his two year old little sister, Boots, he never imagined the adventure that awaits him in the Underland, a land beneath a land. In the underland, there is a prophecy, that a boy from the overland, the warrior, would come, when the humans in the underland were in grave danger, and he would rescue the entire city. An Overland warrior, a son of the sun, May bring us back light, he may bring us back none. But gather your neighbors and follow his call or rats will most surely devour us all. When the people in the Underland believe that the warrior is Gregor, he refuces to go on the quest, that is, until he finds out that his father, who discapeared a few year ago, is in the underland, being held captive by the rats. when he hears this, he decides to lead the quest after all. Will he bring back light? or will he bring back none?

I like this book, a lot. I know a lot of people have already read this, but I just finished it last night.
I thought that this book was going to be creepy, but instead I thought it was really funny.
I would give this 4 1/2 stars – 5.

If you like this book, and you would like to read more, there is an entire series of Gregor the Overlander books.

Once Upon A Marigold by Jean Ferris

Has anybody ever tried to marry you off? what did you do about it?
One day, when Edric the troll is wandering around in the forest, he finds a small, lost boy. Edric tells him to stay the night, and they will find his parents, but when the boy, called Christian, refuses, Edric lets him stay. Christian grows up in a crystal cave, living with two carrier pigeons, two dogs, and Edric. When Christian decides to send a message to a princess who lives in the castle accross the lake, things pick up speed. soon Christian is having a full time coraspondance with Marigold, the princess, and accidentally, falls in love with her. When he decides to see more of the world, by working at the castle, he discovers that Marigold has two suitors. both of them are untastful, and she hates them both. When one of the suitors leaves, the queen announces Marigold’s engagement. now Christian, Marigold, and The aged king, must work together to somehow over come this, for, as Christian discovers, her mother has a plot to kill both the princess, the king, and the princess’s would be husband.

I really liked this book. if you like romance, then this is the book to read. it is a story of courtly love, and adventure. I would give this 3 1/2 – 4 stars. I just (today) found out that there is a second book, Twice upon a marigold if you have read this book, please comment and tell me what you thought of it! I plan to read it and do a book report on it as well.

No, but here is what I would do if they did – be as unpleasant and undesirable as possible.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Princess Academy by Shannon Hale

“This past summer, the priests of the creator god took council on the birthday of the prince. They read the omens and divined the home of his future bride. All the signs indicated Mount Eskel.”

When the Lowlanders come up to Mount Eskel, a small settlement on top of a mountain, and declare that one of the girls is the future princess, and later, queen, it throws the village into an uproar. The Lowlanders say that all the girls, aged 12 to 17, must attend a princess academy, since everyone on mount Eskel is ignorant in reading and writing, things that would matter as a princess. so when they come over and declare that they all have to go, and leave the mountain for several months at a time, their answer is certain. They can’t spare the hands, the only thing that the people of mt. Eskel can trade with is linder, a rock that they quarry. To do this, they use everyone. that is the rule. but it doesnt seem to apply to Miri, although she wish it would. Smaller and slimmer than everyone she knows, for some reason her Father won’t let her work in the quarry, which makes her feel like an outcast. Although it would be harder without the girls, the lowlanders have soldiers, and eventually the people of mt. Eskel go along with the plan. As the girls learn, Miri discovers the mystery of why she isn’t allowed in the quarry, and slowly learns about how to change the fortunes of her people around.

Miri knew lowlanders would never allow a crown to sit on a mountai girl’s head. But what if she were chosen? She could have a better life for herself and her family in the rich, green valleys of the lowlands. That would be any girl’s wish – wouldn’t it?

I loved this book. I would definatly give it 4 1/2 to 5 stars out of five stars. I think it has just the right amount of romance. The plot is wonderful. I think that Shannon Hale got the perfect mixture in this book. I would recomend this mostly to girls aged 10- up.

With sickening terror, Miri thought she understood. Esa was telling her to run.

I have also read one other of Shannon Hale’s books, called The Goose Girl and it was just as good, if not better, than this one. I haven’t read her other ones, so I can’t pass judgement on those, but if you want my opinion, which you obviously do, since you are reading this, lol, you should read these. here is Shannon Hale’s site.

The Witch Trade by Michael Molloy

“I thought witches were only in fairy tales.”
said Abby doubtfully.

“Oh no.” The captain shook his head.
“There’s always been witches – good ones and bad ones. And, whats more, they’ve been battling each other forever.”

Abby lives in a small town named Speller with her Aunt and Uncle (her parents mysteriously disappeared many years ago), and a strange boy named Spike, whom her Uncle found laying on the beach a year ago wearing nothing but a swim suit made out of a strange material, and holding a Marlin Spike. When Abby and Spike meet the mysterious owner of the light house that Abby’s parents used to own, they are thrown into a world of witches, and magic. with the help of the light house owner, the head of the light witches, and several other friends, Abby and Spike must find a way to defeat the dark witches, and find Abby’s parents.

“Its wonderful – just like…” She was suddenly lost for words.
“Magic?” he answered with a wry smile.

I didn’t really like this book. It is not because it isn’t well written, I think that in that respect it is a very good book. The characters are likable, and it has interesting settings. What I didn’t like was that I got the feeling that Abby was supposed to be the main character, but Everything centered around Spike. Even though this was the case with my opinion, you should probably read this so that you can create your own opinion. I would probably give this 3 stars. (out of five.)
“I’m afraid our pleasure in giving this performance – and your gratifying response – must be spoiled by something I have to reveal to you all….” He paused dramatically , then said, “There is a traitor in our midst.”

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Lost Island Of Tamarind by Nadia Aguiar

“Maya felt amazed.
‘where are we?’ she asked the boy.
‘where are you?’ the boy asked, raising his spear over his head. He swirled it around him with a flourish and planted it firmly in the earth in front of them. He smiled.
‘You’re in Greater Tamarind.'”
And so begins an adventure of a lifetime.
Maya is a thirteen year old girl who lives on a boat with her brother Simon, her baby sister Penny, and her mother and father. When her Mother and Father are washed over board, Maya and her brother steer the boat towards land. when they reach it, they find that it is like nothing anyone has ever seen. In this island, called Tamarind, which doesn’t exist on any map, Vines eat meat, People live in villages in the trees, the north part of Tamarind is at war with the south, and an evil sorceress rules the jungle.
With the help of a mysterious boy named Helix, a strange old lady called Valerie, and lots of other friends, Maya must find her parents, and on this island, that is no small feat.

I would defiantly recommend this book to everyone, but especially to girls. I would give this book four and 1/2 stars. oh, and one more thing. I think that there is going to be another novel in the future. or, at least I certainly hope so. but, in the mean time, make sure you read this book!

She squinted and shaded her eyes and saw that the tail of the fish turned into the upper body of a woman. Maya was gazing at a mermaid.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I have an announcement,
I have started another (they deleted my first one), another book carnival thing, and I was wondering if we could use this site as the homepage? it is a book review blog, and it might direct more traffic this way. Please comment and say what you think. if the vote is yes, I will say that this is the place where we can say who did what.
anyway, it was just a thought. (= sorry, this isn’t a review.=)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Eleven by Lauren Myracle

Hey guys, it’s CAT again. I hope if you’re reading this you are enjoying the book blog and our reviews. Btw, -also- if you’re reading this, COMMENT! I also wanted to say, WELCOME, to my friend Sara/SEP, who is going to be another awesometastic author of this blog.

But now, to the book. Here’s a summary:
Winnie is an 11 (as of the beggining of the book), year old girl. She’s new to the 6th grade, and many aspects of the fact of popularity, some peer pressure, junior high next year, and friends.
I have heard lots of good things about this series, (which follows with Twelve and Thirteen), but to be honest, I didn’t really want to finish the book- let alone read the rest of them. I really wanted to like the book, but I give it 2/5 stars. There are several reasons I didn’t like this book.
Eleven, blows everything out of proportion, and unrealisticly features some things. It shows popularity, of being on top. It shows some of the nicest girls becoming popular, and still being nice, but only to a certain extent. It showcases 11y olds acting more like teenagers, in the mentality and actions. Not in a bad way, but its just not how me or anyone at all I know were like at 11. Another thing is that even though it was a book for 11 year olds probably read primarily also by 10-13y olds. I would recommend it for 12 and up though, not ’cause of innapropriate content, but because of tramatic stuff

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Runaway Princess

“Once upon a time there was a princess who knew she was meant for more than twirling her tresses and swooning.”
That princess is Meg. When she turns 15, her father declares a contest. Defeat a witch, kill a dragon, and capture a band of bandits, and whoever wins gets half the kingdom and Meg’s hand in marriage. Meg is locked away in a tower, from which (it seems) she can not escape. But with the help of her maid Dilly, an apprentice guard named Nort, and the gardener boy, she escapes to try to save the dragon, witch, and bandits, while saving herself from marrying an un-tasteful suitor. “Don’t you see?” Meg asked, suddenly inspired “We must save them.”
“Save who?”
“The dragon. The witch. The bandits. We must save them from the evil Princes!”

I would give this book 3 1/2 stars – 4, out of five. I think it was lacking a little romance, but it was still a great book.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

After hearing all the buzz about how awesome the Twilight Saga was I begged my mom to let me read the book (My mom is kind of Anti-Twilight) My mom finally let me read the first book and from the first page to the last I loved every part It’s an awesome book series. The only problem with all the attention the book series is getting is that girls WAY too young are reading the book series. The series is really only appropriate for 13+ due to questionable content. So bottom line, It’s an awesome book series but if you’re under 13 I would suggest either asking your parents before reading the book or just waiting until you’re old enough.

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