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About Us

Here you can find short bios of the members of the Books4Hearts team, as well as a brief history of the blog!
About the Blog
Books4Hearts was started in February of 2009 by the initial members, Cat, Angela, and SEP. There have been other reviewers, but the original three have always been there. It was just a project that seemed fun to start– each of them had personal blogs and they all loved to read. When it began, pretty much all reviews were middle-grade because they were younger. Angela, Cat, and SEP are all teenagers now and more into YA. They still love reading and blogging reviews. It’s great to be able to rant and rave about books and get the word out to other teens, kids, and adults who love to read!
Our mini-bios/photos coming soon! Meantime, check out our personal blogs (linked to our names) to learn more about the three teens behind Books4Hearts: Cat, Angela, and SEP.

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