“Hi, Taj. Glad to see you and Johnny are back.”
It all started with a website. TAP is a social site for people- you go and meet friends. You create wishlists and people buy you the things on them. You get free stuff. You get to go to awesome parties. And at these parties the ones who are truly “tapped” get to go through the ritual. They get to drink the drug and have everything disappear. At least for a while. TAP is for people like Taj- people who aren’t necessarily happy at life. At least, Taj wasn’t, until she met Johnny. Then she met Nick. Then things started getting complicated. Kids start disappearing… at the TAP parties. And in the midst of everything, Johnny Silver, the going to be awesome superstar, disappears. And Taj wants out. But does Taj know more then she reveals? Is the character hiding… even from the reader?
Taj made a face. “What if he doesn’t like Kapusta?” she asked, her nose wrinkling at the thought of eating the pungent cabbage and sauerkraut slaw. She’d only mentioned it to Nick as a joke.
“How can he not like 
This book strongly reminded me of the Spy Girl books… of which I haven’t done reviews (I don’t think.). It is a very interesting book, with likeable characters. I didn’t like the ending, though. I realize it’s the first in a series (*grinds teeth togther* agh! They should say so on the cover so poor innocent people like myself don’t go read it, then realize that they have to get the next stupid book!), but the ending was entirely a let down, really. I liked Taj, and I don’t get why she… does the things she does at the end. That aside, it was a well written book with an interesting premise. I’d give it three stars.